How To Create A Free Freelance Writer Website In WordPress

You can grow your freelance writing business by creating a simple, clear and elegant writer website, whether free or paid.

A freelance writer website serves as a tool for your cold pitching and as well as a communication link between you and your clients.

According to Hubspot, 93% potential customers are interested in having links to your website/portfolio or samples of your work before they make their ultimate hiring decision.

Make no mistake! a writer website with excellent examples of your work is key getting you hired, and is the ultimate success of your freelance writing business.

If you either want to earn a living writing or simply start up a small business, and you don’t have a writer website, think again.

Here is what you are missing out.

Just as that lady selling groceries will need a structure for her groceries, so you to will need a website for your services.


It makes you look professional;

Yes, clients want to hire services of an experienced and skilled freelancer. Having a well-structured website will guarantee you receive trust, attention, and respect from your clients.

Isn’t that what you want?

A freelance writer website makes it easy to organize your services;

A well-developed writer website provides a clear roadmap for clients to comprehend the type of services you are offering. It also offers prospective clients detailed description with a clue on the rates you charge for your services.

Eventually, your engagement with your prospective clients will blossom, increasing your chances of being hired.

A well-organized writer website lure clients to hire you;

Convincing your potential clients to hire you by simply sending email campaigns or cold pitches is next to impossible. This is where a writer’s website comes in handy.

With a clear simple and elegant freelance writer’s website, you can showcase testimonials from past satisfied clients, cases studies and other relevant posts you’ve published to your audience.

It can be used to catalog samples of your work;

Having past samples of your completed works on your website goes a long way into convincing a potential client to hire you.

Create a list of your best samples of completed projects on your site.

It can be a tool to help you acquire long-term clients even when you don’t market it;

A writer’s website will get you clients from online visitors even if you don’t advertise it as long you perform proper SEO.

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Steps You Should Take To Create Your Writer Website.

Step 1: Get a Free Domain Name and Hosting

One of the pillars of a successful freelance writer’s website is having a professional writer’s website for your business.

For starters, I recommend a hosting your website on a free WordPress platform. This will give you an opportunity to acquaint yourself o the processes and procedures of creating a writers website. However, using a free blog platform to host your business website, no matter your reason for doing so, is simply unprofessional.

You can upgrade your free WordPress domain name to your own paid at as cheap as $12 with a good hosting for less than $100 annually. This is ordinarily cheaper compared to the amount of return on your investment.

Step 2: Have a Clean Design

Have a simple, clear and appealing writer’s website design to attract and keep potential clients. WordPress has plenty of clear, simple yet awesome themes you can use to communicate your objectives to potential clients.

Step 3: Have a Clear About Section

Most clients will want to know the type of person they want to hire. The more real and reliable you appear to them the higher the chances of being hired.

Show your prospective clients that you are reliable, qualified to work for them on your about us page of your writer’s website.

Make sure you highlight your experience, achievements and skills and how they will benefit your client to raise their confidence in you.

Having a short bio with a professional picture will add some confidence in your client in hiring your services.

Step 4: Properly Highlight Your Services.

Having a freelance writer’s website that does not spell out your services is as well as having none. Despite having a good grasp of your writing skills, you need to let online visitors that they can hire you for freelance writing services.

Your primary target is to have your clients quickly know that you are available for hire for their first visit to your website. Have a clear call to action on your pages requesting your prospective clients to hire your services.

Step 5: Use a Results-Driven, Benefits-Oriented Headline to Communicate Value

One fundamental principle of online marketing is that content that conveys benefits of any product or service tend to attract conversions than that which expresses features.

Simple headlines such as “hire me” or “services” do a less job of convincing your clients.

Instead, highlight the top benefits your customers can get by utilizing your services in your headline, and you will be good to go.

Step 6: Embrace social media marketing

You can charge as high rates as possible for your services as long as you can convince your prospective client that you have previously been featured in significant publications like Forbes or Huffington post.

You can also increase your social proof on your writer’s website to attract trust and expert rates by:

Positive testimonials from past clients, contributions to recognized blogs and publications among others.

Step 7. Outline, and Organize Your Services

As mentioned earlier, having a clear, simple and elegant services page makes it easy for your clients hire your services.

Most of the freelance writing services need clarifications so accurately define your services and how it can benefit them.

Step 8: Include Samples of Your Work

Many clients have succumbed to writers who despite promising to deliver quality work, end up providing shoddy low quality work. Showcasing samples of your job on your writer website can go a step further in capturing the confidence of your clients.

Provide links to samples of your past projects you’ve done either for yourself or your clients. These will give your clients an opportunity to have a prior idea of the type of services for them.

Step 9:  Make it Easy to Contact You

Failure to provide your prospective clients with a clear direction on how they can reach you for your services can back track your efforts and lead to failure.

To ensure that clients can reach out to you with ease, provide a contact page which includes a contact form with your email, phone number and other relevant details necessary for enabling your clients to contact you for further action.

You can also make it easier for your clients contacting you by attaching your contact form on your services page.

Additionally, you can create links to your contact page on all the pages of your website.

Step 10: Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Besides cold pitching, you can ensure that clients find your website on search engines is one of the best steps that would guarantee to hire. However, there are high chances that they might not get a glimpse of your website owing to the presence of numerous internet sites.

In such an event, you can make sure your website ranks well in search engine for relevant terms.

One of the best resources for Search Engine Optimization is Neil Pate’s guide to SEO

Structure of a Good Writer Website

This article outlined ten steps to creating a good freelance writer website; so what does a good writer website entail? Here’s an ideal structure:

var vglnk = { key: ‘0a47e3e47e2cd37ee2e44c4d0fea4ac9’ };

(function(d, t) {
var s = d.createElement(t); s.type = ‘text/javascript’; s.async = true;
s.src = ‘//’;
var r = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0]; r.parentNode.insertBefore(s, r);
}(document, ‘script’));

A good writer website contains:

Your homepage;

A short catchy headline alluring prospective clients, services you offer and other relevant details about you.

Your services page;

A detailed description of all the services you intend to offer to clients.

Your about page;

Provides details about you highlighting your expertise to enable your prospective clients to connect with you.

Testimonials page;

Create a page highlighting positive testimonies from past clients. This will serve as an assurance to your prospective clients that you possess the skills and expertise to have their project up and running.

Your contact page;

Ideally, this should include a contact form, your email address Skype and phone number.

Do You Want to Monetize Your Writer Website?

Congratulations for going through this process with me. Your writer website is now up for the magic!! Here’s a million-dollar question – what do you want to achieve with your website?

Monetize, monetize, monetize.

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