Earn a Four Digit Figure Income as a Freelance Writer: Create a Writer Website and Build an Online Profile

Creating a writer website and building an online profile is the core ingredient for the ultimate success of your freelance writing business.

Earn a four digit figure income as a freelance writer challenge is a step by step process which involves creating a freelance writer website and building my online profile.

Starting from scratch, here are the steps I’m taking to build my website and an online presence:

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Step 1. Choosing My Area of Specialization

Just as you will love to visit a specialist for your medical checkup, most clients prefer hiring specialized freelance writers for their projects.

Have a defined niche for your freelance writing business is a sure way to capture potential clients.

The primary objective of defining your niche is to increase your value amidst this highly competitive career.

  • Establish yourself as the most reliable writer in the relevant niche.
  • Quickly attract higher rates and long term clients.
  • Effectively market your freelance writing business

In this challenge, I’ll be specializing in both niche (Startups and Business) and service (Blog Writing, Article Writing, Ghost Writing, Web Content Writing, E-books/Online Courses).

My focus will be to market myself as a freelance writer based in my area of specialty. However, I will take on projects outside my area of specialization depending on my ability to do the work and demand.

You have to start out by choosing the name of your writer website. A common practice to have your name or a name relevant to your area of specialization.

In my case, I chose to use my name, but you are free to choose what befits you most. isaacwasilwa@wordpress.com.

You may as well go with something like “healthwriter.com” or “copywriter.”

Ahaa…. just like a game of chess

Advantages of using your name as specialty

  • Makes it easy for you to change your niche as it may fit you.
  • You can ultimately turn your writer’s website into something else like photography
  • It helps you quickly build your brand.
That said there are advantages to using your service, too:
  • Prospective clients will instantly know your kind of writing.
  • It makes it easy for the domain name to rank in search engines later down the line; this won’t have been possible with a domain name based on my name.

Now let’s get down to real business

Step 2. Setting Up Your Writer Website:

The first step is to register your domain name and find a hosting service.

I recommend siteground. You can also check on Bluehost or Hostgator for their incredible offers.

However, in this challenge we are going to use the free wordpress.com for the following reasons:

It is easy to set up and manage.

It is affordable- comes with both free and paid plans.

We can always upgrade it anytime as may be appropriate.

Below are the steps required to set up your own freelance writers website on a free wordpress.com platform.


  • Login to wordpress.com
  • Choose the option indicating “start with a website.”


  • Go ahead and choose any theme you prefer from those available. You always change your theme anytime you deem appropriate.


  • You will be prompted to enter a name or keyword that will serve as your domain address. In this challenge, I decided to go with my name “Isaac Wasilwa.” which qualified me to own “isaacwasilwa.wordpress.com.”
  • If you already own a domain name, click on the “already own a domain” provision.

Last but not least:

  • Click “start with free,” provision which will ultimately direct you to a page where you are required to create your account using your email address, username, and password.

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Step 3. Creating and Publishing Key Pages:

After correctly setting up your free writer website, it is time to set up and publish your key pages.

At this stage, I’ll focus the three key pages which include the about us, contact and hire me pages.

Later, I’ll create and publish the testimonials page after gaining some clients.

First, I’ll create an “About page,”

I will include my biography, my expertise and professional values.

Next will be the contact page, which tells people to contact me for partnerships, freelance opportunities and to ask me a question.

I will then a simple, clear and elegant service/hire me page to make easier for clients to engage my services.

I will be following the instructions as laid down in the [article here] before to create a hire me page to develop a straightforward and transparent service/hire me page.

As set out on the page, I’ll be offering services in the following areas:

  • Blog Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Ebooks/E-courses

Once your key pages are up and running, you will need to update your web content to reflect any changes and developments.

The next step is setting up your online profiles.

Tweaking Your Online Profiles

Having an active online profile for your writing business will guarantee wider reach to your prospective clients and audience.

With properly set up online profiles, potential clients will be able to find you online easily.

I will tweak my Facebook, twitter and linked profiles created earlier and focus on gaining as many leads as I can from them.

Step 5: Pitching Major Sites and Blogs for Guest Posting Opportunities.

Most clients hire freelance writers whose blog posts have been published on authority sites like Forbes or Huffington Post.

I will conduct a thorough manhunt for direct clients using samples of my published articles linked on my writer website.

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