Tips for Freelance Writers Who Speak English as a Second[Foreign] Language.


Some good news for internet savvy fellows who need to bag in some cash yet English is the second language in your country.

Ideally English is the global business language of communication.

Unfortunately, most developing countries from Africa, the vastly populated Asia and the middle east speak English as a second language meaning it’s practically impossible for them to speak and write flawless English.

Are you among the aspiring writers yet you find it hard to put your ideas together on a piece of paper? You will agree with me, being a non native freelance writer; you find it difficult to write in a natural voice.

Yet, you read articles and reviews about writers from these developing countries producing phenomenal web and blog content for online businesses at attractive packages from the comfort of their home and you wonder; how the hell do they manage to do it?

Sit back and relax as I unveil to you the most ideal ways and means through which you can use to beat the lack of writing jobs quagmire!!

First  let’s dive into some of the common problems you are likely to encounter as a freelance writer residing from countries that speak English as a second language.


  1. Payment methods.

Majority of clients pay through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill so for you to receive your payment you must register.

Here are genuine links, you must follow instructions carefully

  1. Writer Approval

Despite many writers from third world countries producing same remarkable content, most big companies hiring freelance writers don’t accept to approve writers from some regions mainly Africa, India, and the middle east.

As you read this upwork which is the leading global company for freelance workers, seized approving writers from these countries join the industries.

However, if you set up up your profile with the help of an expert freelance (experience of 3 years working with them), you will be good to go.

Note: don’t try to set up an account on upwork on your own because once the company identifies your IP address, you may never be able to be approved again.

Simply send me a message on Facebook, Whatsapp, website, email, and I can help you of course for a small fee.

  1. Writing in native English.

One of the skills for a writer to succeed is producing content in native English

Pass copyspace


A full course is on the way just leave your door open and


You will receive free tips and hacks to help you become a skilled writer able to attract high-end clients, and improve your financial status.

Don’t fret; just stay focused and stick to the advice from the best. Just 10 years back the line I could not clearly comprehend what the word freelancer writer is until I came to realize there’re a lot of freelancers out there working for lawyers, the only subject well known yet traditionally and of course by common practice, lawyers operate from the courthouse to the office.

Sorry to say at some time back I was in a bad state;  as the preparations for the final day came close, I realized my name was missing from final graduation list on mischievous allegations of exam cheating arbitrated upon by a dean of faculty who as I happen to learn later was close to my ex-girlfriend

Out of the need to catch for what had lost I took a combined crash in Certified Public Accounts along with bachelors in Business Management.

The challenges were enormous.


Psychological challenges.



, and degree se clear and open intentions expressing his intention to the ultimate act of ensuring the individual with cold and mischievous heart not particularly in an only knew of lawyers and doctors.  You too can do it.


Write a (300-600) word article on your subject of choice, knowledgeable

It may be technology, health, and fitness, sports, politics, marriage, and relationships,

Your audience: native English audience North America

Conversational, compelling, Grammarly correct,


simply hit back with your email address

and you’ll be good to go.

Remember to whitelist the first email you receive from me.

Wsh you all a Merry Christmas


Paypal link

Payoneer link

Skrill link

Paypal registration



Sit back and relax as I take your fight back to Hollywood- as you smile your way back for a tea with your banker.




  1. Laptop or desktop /Smartphone(with active internet connection)

You may decide to make good use of that laptop or desktop you use to watch movies and listen to music your boss.

Or simply into a  use your laptop/android a tablet is most, I use Itel 1701 which goes $ 100(kshs 10,000)

Laptop with active internet connection

Passion and commitment to reading and following instructions

Basic Skills

English Writing

Ms word


Internet Research


Are you ready for



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