Super Editing Hacks Every Writer Must Master. 3 min read.

Last week, Keith one of my blog readers approached me lamenting bitterly how for 2 years he’d almost cracked his skull trying to figure out how to get more people read his soon to be launched political book and actually love it.

“….there is a lot of information on the internet but most of it doesn’t seem to work out for me….”,  he said.

Basically, Keith’s words reminded me what I went through when I started out as a writer; finding not only the right words but proper words for your audience is a great challenge.

After some background research, this is what I came up with;

How you can produce epic content for my readers; super editing secrets?

What’s in the package?

You’ll interact with the exact procedures I use to edit and paraphrase any piece of content, making it epic and good to the readers.

What’s in for me?

Besides a clear step by step procedure on how you can become a terrific editor, you learn how to easily from a novice to a ninja writer in 10 simple steps.

Scan for the main points.

The first step towards editing your content for maximum engagement is to get a rough idea about the authors’ arguments.

Take a quick read through of your document while paying close attention to the major points. Definitely, you’ll get an overview of the whole thing before you begin the editing to avoid going off topic. Moreover, you’ll have a faint picture of what you are about to edit.

You want to make sure you get an overview of the author’s main ideas to help you easily and quickly edit your document, right?Literally, read through the headlines, sub-headlines, opening and closing paragraphs.

Once you have a clue, you can evaluate the information better particularly if it’s someone else’s work.

Break it up.

The next step after taking a quick read is to rearrange each paragraph of your document into distinct complete sentences.

Systematically, read through and isolate each sentence from the rest making it stand alone.

Classifying paragraphs into distinct sentences makes it easy for you to evaluate each of the author’s points distinctly in order to avoid any confusion when editing. Furthermore, you can identify the key arguments relevant to your intended audience.

This is pretty a technical step; you’re just breaking it up the whole piece into separate points so that you know that this piece is composed of this particular units points and that’s really important because then you can really evaluate each point in its terms and you this prevents you from being confused by the whole thing., You know that ultimately the entire document is made up of a series of points it is important to know what those points are and make sure do the

Make sure that every single point makes sense…

Break the ideas into separate points.  as it becomes easy for you to read through and evaluate the demand of each point by your readers.

Once you’ve you’re the authors’ ideas broken down into separate points, it becomes easy for you to read through each point and evaluate whether it’s informative and relevant to your audience.

Trim your points leaving the most important information for your readers makes your document compelling.

In the event, you fail to understand the exact meaning of the author’s ideas, ask for clarifications.

Sort out the weeds from the chaff

Delete any of the points that you consider non-essential to the piece

After you have your pints well-trimmed, choose those points you think are important and eliminate the rest.

Sort out the weeds from the chaff leaving sensible information written coz now you’ll be able to look at the whole thing and say actually this point I don’t really need it, it’s really not that important, now you are separating the weed from the chaff as you try to maintain a document that only contains information that makes sense and is essential to

Make sure that each point is unique and makes sense

So that means looking at and seeing, in particular, any of the points have been repeated and so you are duplicating the whole idea and if you are not distinguishing sharply enough one idea from another …so that gives another layer of beauty to the piece that you are going to edit…

Create sections.

Look at the points that you’ve got and the categories that they fall into, they may be broad or two points might fit in the same category so you now separate the points into blocks as we’ll see later….

The sections will mean you start to get a narrative structure of what you’re writing instead of them just being punched random points where you got something closely related to another point far away from that point so it’ll get a little messy

Make the sections flow

You need to organize your points into sections

Once you’ve created the sections, you’re going to make sure that the sections themselves flow into one another

you now know what each section is and make each section flow into another section.

you get an elegant flow between the sections

Put the points into sections

Right now you have written many points which are scattered all over our document.

Sorting out your points so that relevant ideas to go together systematically

Select the points you’ve written and rearrange them into those sections.

Literally, physically move the points into their into their respective sections,

Arranging relevant points together ensures a smooth flow and transition from one idea to another as well as from segment to segment

Make it read well (simple, clear and neat).

Now that you’ve got a newly written piece, it’s time to make sure that it gonna read well.

Read through the document loud and listen to how it sounds.

Vary sentence length to keep a nice rhythm.

Ask a colleague for an opinion.



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