Become A Master Blogger: The Ultimate Blogging Guide (Series One).

An Introduction to blogging.


Our first series of become a master blogger covers more on  background information on blogging. You’ll also discover the different types of blogs, why you should choose your niche and reasons you should become a blogger.

The idea of blogging is fascinating. Apart from gaining knowledge, many bloggers have gone all the way to make new friends and gain more confidence. And for some, blogging is a way of earning a livelihood.

How do I start blogging? is one of the questions you’re asking yourself.

Apparently, starting a blog is as easy as ABC. All you need to do is follow become a master blogger series (step-by-step guide ) and you’ll create and grow your own blog in a matter of no time.

In a nutshell

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How to start a Blog,

Background information

Meaning of a blog.

Derived from the word “weblog”, a “blog” is primarily a digital magazine with blog posts arranged in chronological order. It consists of texts, images, videos, and links to other relevant pages.

As a writer, a blog can serve as a platform to showcase your skills, share information or publish your online courses.

Small business who blog gets 126% more lead growth. ThinkCreative.

Types of Blogs

1. Personal

Personal blogs are generally engineered to represent personal interests of a particular the person running it. In most cases, people start personal blogs to showcase their skills, make their voice heard or simply have fun. Example of a personal website is Gary Sheng’s Resume.

2. Business

Business blogs are structured to represent the marketing interests of business organizations. Content or product managers run their marketing campaigns using business blogs. Being the most popular, they serve as a tool for organizations to sale their products and services, communicate with clients and publishing relevant information. Example of business blogs is starbucks.

Get more from 8 types of blogs and bloggers

5 Important things you’re missing out

People blog for various reasons. In particular, they write about their passion to share with others. Below are some of the reasons why you need to join the bandwagon.

  • Become a better writer and thinker.

Blogging requires you to create, develop and share ideas on regular basis. Consequently, your writing, thinking and research skills will improve in the process.

  • Establish yourself as an expert.

Many bloggers have set up a blog to inform, educate and entertain. When readers need expert knowledge in a relevant field, they look out to them for more information and knowledge.

  • Increase your self-confidence.

Knowledge is power. With blogging, you can increase your knowledge about any subject. As a result, you and your readers will grow in self-confidence.

  • Make friends and have fun.

Apart from encouraging, inspiring and teaching your fans and followers to lead a better life, you can create connections and make new friends online.

  • Make money from your blog.

Ultimately, you can reap in some cash from your blog- if you monetize it. We have bloggers doing affiliate marketing, selling their products and services and much more.

For more information, read monetize your blog.

Which is my perfect niche?

Choosing a perfect niche for your blogging experience will ultimately be the bedrock for your overall success as a blogger. It is recommended that you choose a niche that you’ve got the greatest passion in.

Brainstorm your subject.

As a matter of fact, finding the right niche may not be a walk in the park. Even established bloggers have gone from one niche to another trying to find what works best for them. If you are out in the cold and can’t still figure out what’s good for you, here’s the kicker;

  •  Create a list of your hobbies and interests. You may be a soccer fan or you like cooking.
  • Find out your most celebrated accomplishments
  • Also, check out on challenges you’ve managed to overcome in life.

From the list, choose from the topics you are most passionate about.

How to ensure your idea is viable.

You want to ensure that your yet to be set up blog has real potential. Check for chances of your blog’s success before you start your blog. In essence, you won’t be the proverbial tree in the forest that makes noise no one wants to hear.

Select a niche with the right number of potential clients.

A major hurdle for startups is choosing a niche size that represents their interests well. In particular, finding a niche with a potential size of fans can be tricky. The secret is to go for a niche with a wider fan base with little competition. Simply find out how many people search on the internet about your niche. The more the search traffic, the better the niche.

Some of the tools you can use to check the volume of searches include;

What about your competitors?

Contrary to popular belief, competition is healthy. Take that as is a sign of real potential in your niche.

Search online for your phrase term to determine your competition. The higher the number of fans and followers- the high the competition, the more attractive is your niche.

Can you earn from your blog?

Besides being a fantasy, blogging can be a source of income for online investors.

Confirm with your CMS (content management system) plan if you can monetize your blog. Most plans need an upgrade in order to remove some restrictions that might hinder you from earning with your blog.

Know your audience.

What content should you start creating? You can write about anything, but you have to really understand what your readers want to see or read.

While there may be other existing blogs dedicated to your area of expertise, they are not YOURS! If you have a unique perspective, people will want to read about it. There’s never enough information for the voracious appetites of collectors and enthusiasts. They desire more and with practice, you can give them that.

Readers are looking for information

More on blogging…

Aim to offer solutions, entertain and inform.

Which Content Management Platform Should I Choose?

There are several CMS options to choose from as a blogger. Besides a free and freemium platforms, you can go for the most recommended self hosted plan.  A self-hosted platform is the best choice for serious bloggers who want to make a name out there.

More on managing your blog on a self-hosted plan.

Final Thoughts.

  • Ensure you select the perfect niche for your blogging experience.
  • Create content that sets you apart from the rest.
  • Choose your Content Management Platform wisely and you’re fit to go!.


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