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Corridors of Justice

So Chebukati might have been right, the labor and relations court declined to grant orders sort by suspended CEO, Mr. EZRA CHILOBA that would have seen him back at the helm of IEBC. Further, Justice Stephen Radicho, ordered for the case to be set up for hearing as soon as possible, terming it as urgent.


Raila Meets the former president Moi

As president Uhuru amazed many Kenyans with his congratulatory messages for Conseslus Kipruto and the crew for winning Gold, Bronze, and Silver at the Gold Coast, Australia where the Commonwealth games is currently underway, the dynasties assemble against the hustler here at home.

A onetime outspoken opposition leader met the former president for a cup of tea at the former president’s Kabarak residence in what many see as a strategic call-up for 2022 elections.

Last month, many Kenyans were left speechless when President of the Republic and the Peoples’ President saw eye to eye.


Friday the 13th

Is true that today’s date portrays bad luck?

It is widely believed that the day Friday comes on 13th date, it depicts bad luck.

Report not true.-apart from a heavy storm, nothing much happened.

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International News

Read the unfolding world news, hot events and sports from your smartphone

US president Trump has called out on his network to take necessary action against Syria as Britain and France step in to deter in use of chemical weapon.

Notably, Australia, Canada, Japan and other countries converge for a major trade pack to be launched soon when Russia warns the US against any attack on Syria-claiming it’s unwarranted.

In an unprecedented move, Sears –a major retailer for over 120 years is set to wrap up and leave Chicago.
July 27 will see the final liquidation of the once mega shop located at 4730 Irving Park Road.

In a book to be launched soon; Truth, Lies, and Leadership, James Comey’s depicts Trump as a serial liar who has no apologies to make. Conspicuously, Comey interacted with Trump on several occasions during the Hillary Clinton’s email investigations.

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