Become a Master Blogger: The Ultimate Blogging Guide (Series Five).

How to Promote Your Blog and Its Content.

We’ve seen how great content can be the pillar of your blog’s success. Also, we’ve gone through the best types of content your readers’ want.

However, it takes more than an online presence and compelling content to be successful with blogging.

If you don’t have traffic coming in, all of your efforts are a waste of time.


Here’s the kicker:

Proper content marketing will ensure more traffic to your site, increase the number of social shares, comments, and subscribers to your blog (2)

In essence, a blog with more traffic means more revenue once you monetize it.


Prepare for the promotion.

Simple, concise, and high quality content is what readers look out for.  Set aside some quality time to edit and proofread your content. Ensure everything is set before you hit the publish button.

Important steps

  •  Confirm whether your content has been published and is life
  • Check your pages and posts, menu bars, and sidebar content open as they should.
  • Test your content using main browsers to test whether your blog content is ready.
  • Ensure your contact form and information is properly structured.
  • Check whether your social sharing buttons are fully functional.
  • Provide alternative ways through which your readers can connect with you. Consider both audio and video conferencing.
  • Research strategically to find the right content. Use Google Analytics to have a deeper understanding of what type of content your readers’ like.

Promotion goals

There are three goals for content promotion. These include:

  • Reaching out to those readers who may be interested in your content so that they can read and share with others.
  • Put more effort into establishing yourself as an expert in your subject matter to earn trust from your readers.
  • Build a robust relationship with your readers by regularly engaging them on social media, other forums as well as on your blog.

These goals are basically meant to help you establish yourself as an expert in your subject matter, find more publicity and engage more with your readers.

Ways to promote your blog.

Now, let’s look at the ways through which ways you can promote your blog as a whole. Can be accomplished by startups.

1. Inform all your contacts about your new blog.

Everyone who comes in contact with you should know that you have a blog. Some good ways to ensure is to let more readers know about your new blog.

Simply add your blog URL to your email signatures, your social profiles, and author bios so that all your connections are able to check it out easily.

2. Create a strong network with thought leaders.

Create an elevator pitch and use the same to introduce yourself and the services or products you promote using your blog.

3. Submit your blog to search engines.

Set up Yoast SEO on your blog and use the sitemap to submit your blog to search engines through Google Webmaster Tools.

4. Submit your blog to directories.

Submitting your blog to directories for listing is one great way to promote your content. Directories such as DMOZ offer free listing.

5. Comment and contribute on other blogs.

Regularly contribute to and comment on other blogs in order to increase your exposure in order to build a strong relationship with thought leaders in your subject area. The secret is to submit thoughtful comments and quality blogs to establish your authority within your niche.

6. Set up a Feedburner account.

Create a FeedBurner account to allow your readers to subscribe to your blog. Feedburner lets you track the number of subscribers to your RSS feed.

7. Optimize your blog for search.

Search engines automatically index your content once you provide it with valuable content. Additionally, you can optimize your blog to rank for particular keywords by adding a keyword optimized SEO title and meta description to your blog’s homepage using Yoast SEO. Best practice requires you to choose one keyword phrase to optimize on each page and post.

8. Start building your mailing list.

It is recommended that you start building your email list as soon as you launch your blog so as to collect the email addresses of those early readers. In future, the readers on your email list will be a valuable asset when you start to monetize your blog. For starters, you can sign up for MailChimp. It provides a free sign up for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails.

9. Follow what has worked for your competitors.

When it comes to promoting your blog, you don’t have to scratch your hair off your head. Simply follow what some of your successful competitors’ strategies. Use SEO backlink tools like Google Key word planner and Cognitive SEO to learn more about blog promotion strategies. If it has worked for them, it will definitely work for you.

10. Look at paid advertising options.

Paid advertising is also a great way to boost your initial blog traffic. You can sign up for Google Adwords to promote your blog on the Google search engine. Also, social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter provide awesome platforms for promoting your blog content.

Ways to promote your blog content.

Besides promoting your blog as a whole, you can grow your blog’s traffic by promoting individual posts and pages to get more traffic, engagement and social shares. For you to be successful in your promotion strategy, here are some of the ways you can follow.

Submit your blog posts to bookmarking and voting sites.

Similar to directories, there are hundreds of social bookmarking and voting sites. And similar to directories, not all of them are worthwhile. Your goal is to look for social bookmarking and voting sites that have engaged users. These include Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, BizSugar, and Inbound. Note that many of these sites are not fond of people constantly promoting their own content. You may want to consider establishing friendships on those networks and occasionally sharing content with them. Often, they will submit your content to the networks, particularly if you do the same for them.

Try blog promotion networks.

Several networks exist solely for the purpose of gathering people who love to help each other promote their blog posts. These networks include Triberr, Social Buzz Club, and Viral Content Buzz. You can also build your own blog post promotional network as your network with others in your niche. Just have everyone connect in a Facebook group or in an email list where they can share their latest posts.

Establish yourself on social media.

Social media networks are a great place where you can connect with your readers. Always publish content that is valuable and compelling on popular social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Linkedin and Instagram to increase the number of blog visitors.

Other social networks.

There are other social media possibilities and new ones appear regularly. For most of us, though, one of the already-popular channels will serve our needs well and deliver maximum promotional benefit. Of course, your business is unique, and you should make use of the social media avenues that best fit your own niche and style. If there is a lesser-known channel where your audience tends to gather, you should be there with them. Whatever you do, don’t overextend yourself. Everything you do online is a reflection of your capabilities.

Context is important.

“Content is the king but context is the God” – Gary Vaynerchuck

Context is the circumstances that form and surround an event or idea so it can be fully understood. When it comes to blog content, context is the way you’re publishing, distributing and promoting your content. If you’re trying to connect with your audience in the wrong context, it doesn’t matter how good your content is. Your content will not be read, shared or discussed.

Final Thoughts.

Beyond the tips listed, you can come up with other creative ways to promote your blog. Your best bet is to start small and make adjustments to your promotional strategies along the way. Always remember to focus on key fundamentals:

  • Maintain a clean and properly functioning blog.
  • Create focused and helpful content.
  • Engage in conversation and build your authority


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