Become a Master Blogger: The Ultimate Blogging Guide (Series Six).

How to Make Money from Your Blog

Blogging is one of the great ways you can use to generate income both as a side hustle or a full-time basis. First, you set up your blog, next, you create, edit and proofread blogs content and promote your blog content, before you think about monetization.

Your Money and Blogging-Truth unveiled

Before we look at how you can make money blogging, it’s vital that we clear some of the common misconceptions.

1. Blogging is an easy source of Passive Income.

I know you’ve heard or read before. “Make $5k a day in your sleep, simply apply with a click” and you salivate in the prospect of rolling in dough.  Unfortunately, a lot of hard work, commitment with proper strategies must exit before you start generating passive income.

2. Income reports reflect how much bloggers earn

Most income reports published by bloggers indicate the amount of money they make using their blogs. However, these reports fail to indicate the “true” amount of money they spend on their blogs for them to be able to generate revenue. You need to keep expenses like web hosting, email marketing tools and online advertisement in mind when calculating your overall income.

3. You can’t earn with a small Blog

If you set up your blog with an intention to earn money, it is recommended that you start to monetize it as early as possible to avoid putting off your original readers. Furthermore, you can get a chance to start making little money from your blog as you prepare your readers for what they will eventually get.

Preparing to monetize.

Your blog will only be as good as you prepare it to be.  Essentially, start an email list as soon as possible. Its fruits come in plenty-fold.

First, you’ll can maintain your first readers as a permanent audience.

Second, your email list can be a source of traffic to your blog as you prepare to monetize.

Third, you gain maximum control over the contacts of readers on your email list.

Finally, you are more likely to get your readers’ attention.

Building your email list guarantees, you can take advantage of your initial loyal audience to do email list sponsorship, selling your own products or affiliate marketing. Also, you don’t spend a dime penny to do email marketing as MailChimp permits you to send six emails to 2,000 subscribers per month for free.

Ways through which you can Monetize a for new blog

As seen earlier, you can start to monetize your blog at the start with or without traffic. In the event you want to earn from your blog, pick on one or two from these monetization strategies.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning revenue by promoting products and services for other people for a small commission. The fact that you can be able to apply and actually succeed to do affiliate marketing with no or less traffic makes it undoubtedly the best monetization strategy for startups.
You can start out by being an affiliate for the products you have subscribed to and use on your blog. If for example your web hosting company is Bluehost, you can create a resources page on your blog to assist other interested bloggers to sign up for the same. Likewise, you can be an affiliate for services and products like Mailchimp email marketing software, or your installed WordPress theme. Provided you have subscribed to their products and services.
Also, you can apply to Amazon Associates to join affiliate programs that sell books and relevant products. Amazon offers a wide range of opportunities as they offer affiliate programs in basically almost every niche.
As you rubber stamp your authority in your area of specialty, other bloggers may want to employ your strategies by signing up for the same products or services you use. Eventually, you will be able to earn some income from the comfort of your seat.
Some affiliate programs like Shareasale, Clickbank offer opportunities for bloggers willing to join in the bandwagon of affiliate marketing.

Simply visit their page, read and understand the instructions and hurray, you’re ready to cash in some revenue from your blog.

Affiliate Marketing Best Practices

A lot of bloggers find affiliate marketing a hard nut to crack yet it’s one the simplest ways to earn from your blog. If you are looking out to earn from these easy strategy, here is the kicker;

Affiliate Marketing Best Practices

  • Identify the product or service you want to market, write a high-quality review and include an affiliate link in your review.
  • Ascertain the best products and services you use on your blog and create a resource page for them on your blog.
  • Look for banners for affiliate products that are relevant and appealing to your readers and include them in your blog.
  • Inform your readers each time you write a great review about a product or service they would be interested in.

It is recommended that you include a disclaimer in your review whenever you promote an affiliate product to shield you against any claims that might arise in the event of complaints.

2. Google AdSense

Google Adsense allows you place advertisements for other marketers on your blog for some fee. For the best results, you are required to follow their guidelines to the letter. However, most of your audience can easily be discouraged by the enormous amount of advertisements from Google Adsense. Again, they pay peanuts considering the amount of revenue you employ.

Ways through which you can Monetize for medium blogs

We have monetization strategies available for bloggers with medium audiences. These include:

1. Offer advertisement space on your blog.

Another way to earn revenue from your blog with a medium audience is to offer advertisement space for other marketers’ for a certain amount of money. You can choose to do this by yourself or engage sites like BuySellAds to assist you to manage the advertisements using their platforms.

2. Sponsored reviews

Besides selling advertisement space on your blog, you can enter into a deal with willing online marketers to offer sponsor reviews on your blog. Ideally, you get paid to write reviews for particular products or services and publish them on your blog.
The secret is to go those products that your readers will be interested in as you can earn money at the same time maintain engagement with your readers. Otherwise, you might lose your precious readers once you choose to write for unfamiliar products.
Also, write sponsored reviews for those products you have used as you will be able to give an honest and compelling review.

3. Selling your own products or services

Before you decide that you are going to sell your own products or services on your blog, you need to determine whether there’s a paying market for the product or service you want to sale.
One great way to know if there is a ready market is to look at what most of your readers ask for.
For example, if your readers ask you to develop content for their business, then you know that tutorials on content writing and marketing have a ready market.

Ways through which you can Monetize for blogs with large audiences.

As a matter of fact, blogs with large audiences are easy to monetize as you can easily take advantage of the available traffic to generate more revenue. You need to create an advertising page on your blog and keep the number of traffic up to date in order to know your pricing.

1. Syndicating content

Content syndication networks like Taboola and Outbrain require you to have a huge base of traffic for them to accept you as a publisher on their sites. In essence, they create a code that can syndicate your content that includes blocks of related content like this on your blog. As readers visit and click on your posts, you are able to earn some revenue depending on the number of clicks.

2. Selling your blog

This may be the last thing on your mind at this point, but if you have a blog that isn’t directly tied into your own name, products or services, and mostly depends on ad revenue, you may want to consider selling your blog later down the road. Some blogs—like the 20 listed in this article— have earned over $1 million dollars, thanks to how much traffic received, the quality of content they house and the advertising dollars they rake in on a monthly basis. The more traffic, quality content and advertising dollars you earn with your blog, the more you can sell it for if you so choose.

Final thoughts.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to creating a successful blog—from setup to monetization. There are many other monetization strategies you can try with your own blog. These are just the most popular ones that tend to generate a lot of income for a lot of bloggers!


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