A viable business must meet its strategic goals. I recommend the following services using my content marketing plan.

Creating, Publishing and Distributing High-Quality Content.
As a matter of fact simple, clear and elegant created and distributed web content is going to build awareness, drive traffic and generate leads for your online business.
I will publish and distribute three 1000-word blog post each month with an emphasis on developing a unique marketing plan for each piece of content.

Creating Incredible Visual Content.
Engaging content is a core component driving interest in your company.
I will create and publish one informative infographic each month with the same focus on strategic distribution.
Driving Leads through In-Depth Content Pieces:
Suffice to say, giving your prospects valuable product or services in return for gathering their email address and dropping them into your lead nurturing campaign is the foundation of effective marketing plan.I will create and publish an in-depth, unique and highly informative monthly eBook with a sign-up call to action.
Aligning Key Pages with your Company’s Goals:
Your content marketing plan can only be as effective as your website permits it to be.
I will carry out a thorough content evaluation for your online business.
I’ll assess your website’s key pages and existing blog posts and propose candid suggestions on optimizing content for increasing our conversions and sales.